Those living in Korah are extremely vulnerable and the needs in the community are great and often critical. The area is consumed by poverty, leaving many widowed and orphaned. Illness spreads quickly due to scarce and tainted food, poor living conditions and a lack of clean water. Most who survive do so through begging, prostitution and living off of the city’s garbage dump; a place many orphans call home. Caring for Korah is reaching out into the community to meet immediate critical needs. These needs range from *dire food assistance to those struggling to feed their families to relocating families who have no home.

Give now to help meet Korah’s urgent needs.

*Ethiopia’s recent drought was the worst the country has seen in 50 years which has in turn driven up the price of staples in the country. These items have become so expensive to families in poverty that they often times have to go without food. Your gift of $45 provides 1 family with food staples like wheat, teff, spices and cooking oil that can sustain them for 2 or more months.




Caring For Korah